Anyone wanting to attend the planning meeting on Wednesday at 9.30 am at Denbighshire’s Council Offices in Ruthin (Wynnstay Rd/Market St), please either meet to carshare at 7.30-7.45 in Cefn Meiriadog chapel car park or go direct to Ruthin. Rendezvous at Wynnstay Rd/Market St front entrance at 8.30am. We will split into two groups, one at front entrance, one at entrance to car park on Station Road. Email if you need further information.


Don’t risk it, Councillors!

You couldn’t make it up! The crematorium site visit last week involved Denbighshire’s planning committee and others meeting at Cefn Meiriadog chapel vestry beforehand for a briefing. When they got to the briefing the planning officers present advised them against proceeding to Glascoed Road and the site itself. The reason? Because it could be dangerous to walk there along Glascoed Road. How is it possible those same officers have recommended the scheme for approval? Is something not telling them this might just be the wrong place for it, despite the fabulous re-surfacing of the road that was recently completed to just past the proposed crematorium entrance? As one local resident commented, “I have never seen a country road done up so well.”


A walk on the wild side

A Group member described a walk along Glascoed Road from the Business Park roundabout to the proposed crematorium as ‘a walk on the wild side’ of Cefn. Brilliant! Let’s hope the planning committee members take that walk during their site visit on Friday – although we do hope they survive it. From today’s Rhyl Journal:

Letter 140312

Democracy and the planning process in action

MEMORIA’S INFORMATION ON ALTERNATIVE SITES, limited and biased as it was, was posted up on Denbighshire C C’s web site on Wednesday 5th March along with 5 other items of ‘Additional Infrormation’. One of these concerned pedestrian access and Memoria’s admission that Glascoed Road is too narrow for a pavement and there can be no buses up to the proposed crematorium site. THE VERY SAME DAY, albeit that evening after she had got home from work, a Cefn Group member emailed a comment in response to this to the planning office. She was officially informed the next day that the officer’s report had already been compiled and any comments could only be summarised in the late information sheet that is made available to planning committee members on the morning of the meeting. Therefore those wishing to respond to Memoria’s addtional information were automatically denied  the right to do so in a way that could inform the officer’s report, as opposed to just going on the late information sheet. As stated in an email sent to planning officers and copied to our Assembly Members, this disempowering of local residents from full involvement with important decisions which would permanently affect their communities, is inconsistent with the commitments made in the Local Development Plan and in the Welsh Government’s ‘Planning Policy Wales’ document.


Everyone opposed to the crematorium is urged to go to the Denbighshire County Council offices on Wynnstay Road in Ruthin for 9am to welcome the planning committee members as they arrive. There is a car park directly opposite the building. Car-sharing is being arranged. The crematorium application is likely to be early in the meeting, but this will be confirmed nearer the time. Email or ring 07713 328645 for more information. THE MORE WHO ARE THERE THE BETTER WE GET THE MESSAGE OVER!

Crazy or what?

An amazing thing about the independent assessment is that the very powerful GIS computer programmes that are used to show drivetimes and catchment areas can have real blind spots. It is important because it affects the number of people shown within the different catchment areas, which are then used to justify the need for the crematorium. Here is a major one: One of the maps in the assessment places the proposed Northop crematorium at over 30 minutes from the proposed Cefn crematorium at normal speeds. In reality, the 17.5 miles from entrance to entrance was travelled on Friday in 18 minutes 30 seconds one way and 19 minutes the other way without exceeding 60 mph on the A55 (and being overtaken by lorries in the process) and observing all speed limits elsewhere. Even at the 0.6 x ‘normal’ speed that they use for calculating funeral cortege speeds they are just about within 30 minutes of each other.

Another example of the incredible discrepancies that can occur between computer generated drivetimes and actual experience:
Bryn y Maen village near Colwyn Bay is shown in the independent assessment as nearer in drive time to the proposed site at Cefn Meiriadog than to Colwyn Bay crematorium. The village is only 3 miles from Colwyn Bay and to anyone who knows the area it just seems crazy.
The routes were actually driven today with the following results:
• Bryn y Maen church to Colwyn Bay crematorium, using main classified roads, all under 30mph – 3.6 miles / 9 minutes.
• Bryn y Maen church to proposed site:
o via A55: 15.7 miles, 23 minutes;
o via B5381: 12.1 miles, 21.5 minutes.